The Foundation and its partners provides all means of support and advice for the family and the child.

Family Support includes:

  • Well-designed educational and rehabilitative programs for foster families to ensure optimal interaction with the child.
  • Offer the foster mother best-recommended health options to achieve the best interests for her and child.
  • When a mother chooses to breastfeed her child, we provide her with scientific health programs (administrated by a doctor or nurse) to stimulate and generate milk.
  • In some cases, the institution or its partners may provide material or financial support to families.
  • Provide the family with scientific methodology, programs and brochures that explain how to inform the child of his parentage and what appropriate age to inform him at.  
  • Variety of brochures and publications that help children to integrate into society in an optimal way.
  • Continues visits and consoling to family homes.