Frequently Asked Questions

A: Start by filling out the forum located on “Volunteer”.

Choose to be a volunteer with us through:

  • Being an advocate and spread awareness about the case of abandoned infants

  • Help in fundraise events

  • Be a mentor or a coach to our office team in skills like IT, funding skills, book keeping, marketing, social affair activities,

  • Solicit support from consumer organizations to support with materials like dippers, clothing, food for infants.

  • Fix and serve meals

  • Work with infants (this option will require extensive background checks and further interview with candidates as well as going through a child safeguarding training)

  • Provide medical services for example: a doctor or nurse will come through a weekly visit to the infant home and do checkups and treatments for those infants.

A: All infants in the temp-infant-home are open for adoption (kafalah) per their precedence of home entry. All what you have to do (after going through adoption process checks, interviews and approval from authority) is to make an appointment with the temp-infant-home management - you can do that through local phone numbers or register on our web site to be able to visit and see all infants where you will select the right infant for you.

A: We offer fostering “kafalah” for families from within countries where our partners operate (some countries allow international Fostering “kafalah”), and we accept sponsoring support from anywhere in the world:

Fostering “Kafalah”: Our programs are centered around fostering “kafalah” an orphan infant for life, meaning we operate on the understanding that all infants will be adopted by families who will care for them and love them as their own kids for life, so they can have decent education and become a productive member of society.


    • You can sponsor an infant, a family, a temp-infant-home or a country: (sponsors will be fully updated with data on how their money was spent and with pictures of sponsored and their progress as well as the ability to visit and meet).

    • You can pay monthly few dollars to sponsor an infant starting from the first day they arrive to the home till they leave the home with a caring family. This include baby food, dippers, clothes, medical supply and shelter cost.

    • You can pay a monthly few dollars to sponsor a family who sponsor an infant (most families where we work who sponsor those infants are below poverty line, they need support to raise the child), this money will go into child education, food, clothing and medicine.

    • You can pay a monthly few dollars to sponsor a temp-infant-home by paying for the cost of running this home (or partial).

    • You can pay a monthly few dollars to sponsor a country by paying for the cost of opening (establishing a temp-infant-home operation) where the home will carry your name.

A: It’s really easy, just click on icon named DONATION and you will be directed to many options to help those infants. If you need to now more, please don’t hastate to contact us through the forms CONTACT.

A: To be part of sponsoring collection: We combine donations to sponsor those infants, hence what is showing in the sponsoring options page here on our web site is what you pay.

If you would like to sponsor a child, family or country FULLY and alone, please send us a contact detail indicating that and we will be happy to have our team get in touch with you immediately.

A: Yes, we will send you an electronic receipt if you chose to have one. donors receive an annual statement reflecting past year total contributions.

A: Yes, at every month we evaluate all requests to cancel and act accordingly.

A: Yes, any new items that will help the infant will be accepted like dippers, food, clothes, milk, and any other items that are an infant related.

A: Yes, you can mention that in your donation and will make sure that the donation is registered under her/his name.

A: Yes, all our operations in any particular country is certified & supervised by the authority in each country – we abide by the local laws of each country we/partners operate in.

A: Foster “kafalah” meant that a family will take a child into their own family where he become part of the family and will be taken care-off as one of their own by birth.

A: It depends on the country regulation where we/partner operate.

A: We/Partners have made over 1500 family and infant happy.

A: Summary of family member’s data (e.g. birth, income, age, health) , home status data, References, what kind of infant you are looking to foster “kafalah”..etc.

A: Yes, we have medical staff to help you in doing so (most of the mothers who fostered “kafalah” an infant have breastfeed their infants).