The right to life is a human innate principle that depends on its legal guarantee of divine legislative and state legislative protections of individual’s life from any violation or harm.

So what about a life of an innocent infant whose parents decided for some reason to abandon him and leave him to the unknown. Embracing is considered as one of the noblest human beings acts, when a family decides virtue to endow her love to an innocent infant, not to mention the bulk of the benefits that accrue to the family.

What: Embracing with Wedad International Foundation and its partners is a program in which the heart, mind, and humanity converge to care for an orphaned infant whose parents are unknown, hence a capable family selects an orphaned infant and foster “kafalah” him to become their son in which they nurture him with love, affection, and implement within his growth path values, good habits and knowledge so that he becomes a positive member of society who is able, independent, beneficial and righteous.

How: Through registering at, a request to embrace an orphan present in the Wedad/Partners shelters in various Wedad sites. The family will be contacted by professionals Wedad/Partners staff to explain the program and its conditions (meanwhile there are assistance programs to facilitate incubation for the family such as the rehabilitation program for future families to embrace and breastfeeding options).

Conditions: Every family requesting to embrace an infant must meet the conditions of incubation which at end will yield a sponsorship of an orphan, where that noble work will create the happiest moments of joy for the orphan, the family, the institution and society.

We believe that it is our duty to contribute to protecting these children wherever they are, and to work wholeheartedly to provide them with foster families. We sincerely believe that this effort is one of the most important priorities for all peoples and nations, no matter how different races and religions differ.

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