AlWedad’s Charity Foundation Sudan held a workshop entitled “Innovative Methods in Community Awareness” – that was held in AlWedad’s Charity Foundation Training Hall

The discussion has been about innovative methods and mechanisms that can be used in community awareness programs for the following:
– Awareness of the implications of pregnancy outside of marriage.
– How we can change society’s perceptions of abandoned children and their biological mothers

– How we can encourage Sudanese families to Foster / Kafalah
– How we can create advocacy and support groups

The discussion was enriched by representatives of:
– Alternative Families

These are the real hope for abandoned infants, they have the courage to foster babies and their participation where their input is most valuable to enrich the discussion, think with them about the issues and find innovative solutions.

– Hope and Homes for Children UK Organization


Hope and Homes for Children are working towards a day where every child can grow up in a loving family. We know we will only achieve this by working with others. Through our partnerships with national governments, civil society organizations, international agencies, corporate donors and committed individuals, we are helping to build a global movement that will eliminate orphanages in our lifetime.

– Sabah Association

Sudanese non-governmental association, its mission is raising community awareness of the importance of implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child / providing social and psychological support for children with special needs.

– Sudanese Midwives Association

Work on the independence of the midwifery profession and gain support and advocacy to raise the level of midwifery education so that Sudanese midwives provide distinguished and high-quality services that contribute positively to the sustainability of reducing maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity

This workshop contributes to Sudan organizations educational programs, diversifying and developing them, the workshop highlighted several issues and explained the importance of community awareness about the abandoned infants and all its attached implications. Community awareness has a huge impact on the problem solution and contributes to saving abandoned newborns.