Losing a parent is a traumatic experience for everyone but for a child who is born and tossed in the street the issue is way worse. Hence, Orphan sponsorship make a difference between life and death for those infants.

We have many programs that enable people with great hearts to help us to help those infants, one the programs are sponsoring an infant while he is at the temp-accommodation at Wedad/Partners location, where the other support program is sponsoring an infant when he moves to the fostering “kahfalh” family home, in both programs the support money will help to nurturing him, supply of necessity items, health coverage, education, clothing and other life necessity needs.

Once you Sponsor an Orphan you will be able to oversee him grow with your support to be a good contributor to his society, up-on your approval we will make sure you get on periodical basis full report on the child, we can organize visitation rights to meet the child to give love in persons to him and family as you are part of his upbringing. Your support will go to the neediest infants and will give hope for them to a better future.

We are looking for great people like you who want to be someone special in the life of a child, by join us in sponsoring an infant you will make a difference in those infant’s lifeline.