Abandoned orphans are similar to other kids in their rights, they need love, care, home, and nurturing starting at early days.

We operate in many countries around the world, most of those countries are below poverty line, we team up with the authority to create an abandoned orphan temp-home operation that will receive those infants and care for them prior to their move to a fostering “Kafalah” family, those temp-homes are managed by our expert team at first then transferred to local operators with continues supervision from our side.

The project temp-home consist of an apartment with two bedrooms, staff, and necessary tools like beds, fridges, tables, food, baby stuff etc. where our sponsors can choose from covering the total cost of a new abandoned orphanage temp-home in a new country, sponsoring supplies to the temp-home, sponsoring workers’ salaries, sponsoring infant’s health care cost or sponsoring rental cost of a temp-home.

We need the support of great hearted people to share with us the joy of opening such specialized abandoned orphan temp-homes.