Our Vision

To be an International resource for issues on abandoned babies

Our unique methodology allows us to be at the forefront of initiatives that bring hope to abandoned babies across the world.

Our Mission

To place abandoned babies and children under 2 years old into qualified families that enable them to grow up to be positive contributors to society.

Wedad International Foundation (WIF)
believes that most vulnerable group of children are abandoned babies babies and those under 2 years old. They require special care and attention that we work tirelessly to provide.

We partner with local governments, generous donors and community volunteers, to find the right family for each child.

By placing the babies and children 18 months or less in healthy , happy and loving homes, we know that they have the best chance at becoming self-reliant adults and productive members of their community.

Core Values


The opposite of abandonment is commitment, and we know commitment is a crucial component of an abandoned baby or toddlers’ future success. Wedad is committed to putting the best interest of the child first, providing them the appropriate resources, and placing each child into a loving, healthy and happy home.


Abandonment isn’t fair, and it is not just. It is not the fault of any infant when their parents leave, and they are left in dangerous and unstable circumstances. We believe that all infants and toddlers’ have the basic human rights of a safe and permanent family.


We understand the delicate nature of dealing with abandoned infants and toddlers’ and work with the utmost integrity and responsibility when dealing with reach case. We uphold our values of justice and commitment with every young child that comes to our organization.


The issue of abandoned infants is bigger than one organization. Therefore, we work with and rely on strategic partnerships with individuals, groups and the government to succeed in our mission.


We are prompt, thorough and we adhere to all local, national and international standards within our organization to further our cause of serving abandoned infants.


We prize honesty, integrity, and truth within our organization, our partnerships and our finances. We know that the best way to achieve our goals is to be transparent with the people that we work with.