Our Vision

To be an International reference in abandoned orphan issues.

Due to the unique methodology that we operate in with abandoned infants, we believe that we will be the reference in this cause.

Our Mission

Attribution of abandoned orphan’s, to qualified families to enable them to be positive contributors in society.

Our mission is tailored around the rights of abandoned orphan infants, to enjoy their childhood with a caring loving family in a nurturing environment, where they have a sense of belonging and to be a responsible citizen. Our Mission is driven from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child – UNICEF https://www.unicef-irc.org/portfolios/crc.html#art. https://www.ohchr.org

Core Values


We are committed to putting the best interests of the child first and fulfilling all our commitments with the greatest responsibility and effectiveness


We commit and believe that each abandoned infant should have basic human rights to a safe, permanent, nurturing family.


We adhere that we act responsibly and ethically, in line with our goals and values with integrity and fairness..


We believe in working through strategic partnerships, Governments, groups, individuals, to succeed in our mission.


We adhere to the international standard in all what we do toward supporting and serving the cause.


We agree to tell the truth about our organization, partnership, finance, and goals.