“Accept propitiatory offerings from their possessions to cleanse and purify them thereby, and help them onward (in the way of virtue)”. {Al tawba:103}

Zakat is defined as giving money with the intention of worshipping God Almighty as it has a great effect on giver and taker, and for society at large. One of the Zakah eligible takers is poor, and we are serving poor families who are in hardships and are doing kafala for the abandoned infants, your Zakah to them mean life and death for those kids who live with those families.

By giving your Zakah and Sadakah to our cause you will be supporting those abandoned infants through supporting their families.

Sadakah is one of the concepts that express the material matters that a person gives to the needy and the poor in kindness and love to help the without expecting anything in return. There is nothing better than giving Sadagah to orphans and needy poor families who are struggling to barely provide food for the day.

Your Zakah & Sadakah will help those children to provide basics life items like food and medicine, as well as supporting their education and build their work knowledge to be independent and empowered in the future.